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  • Searches for official documents or title deeds
  • Request floor plans
  • Preparation of 2D floor plans from cadastral plans
  • Preparation of 2D planimetry with direct measurement
  • Land registry searches
  • Request for mortgage searches
  • SCIA, CILA and building permits
  • Drafting of Building Regularity Report, in compliance with the resolution of the Notary Council of the Combined Districts of Imperia and Sanremo of 04/05/2016
  • A.P.E. Certification

The A.P.E. (before the amendments of decree 63/2013 it was called A.C.E.) is the document that describes the energy characteristics of a building, dwelling or flat. It is required, under penalty of heavy sanctions, in the case of:

  1. Purchase: transfers in return for payment (e.g. deed, exchange)
  2. Donation: gratuitous transfers
  3. Rental of buildings or individual property units
  4. Advertisements for the sale or rental of building units (to determine the energy performance index)
  5. New buildings on completion of works
  6. Major renovation when the works insist on more than 25% of the envelope surface (walls and roofs) of the whole building
  7. Public buildings and buildings open to the public
  8. For all new or renewed contracts for the management of heating or air conditioning systems in public buildings
  9. To take advantage of the ECOBONUS for insulation work

In the case of selling or renting a property, it must be drawn up before the property is advertised. The validity of an APE is, in most cases, 10 years. In order to maintain its validity, the boiler checks required by law must be ensured. An inspection of the property is mandatory.