About Us

At the end of 1988, Andrea Fragolino, after his apprenticeship as a surveyor at his father Alessandro's firm, which had been present for years in the world of construction, transformation and administration of condominiums, chose real estate brokerage, acquiring Immobiliare Montecarlo. The aim since then has been to offer a professional and transparent service to all those who need to sell, buy or rent a property, seeking first and foremost customer satisfaction, guaranteeing a complete and scrupulous service and carrying out commercial estimates that are always up-to-date with the ever-changing property market. Over the years Immobiliare Montecarlo has grown, and has been enriched by several efficient collaborators, capable of managing the client in all phases of the real estate purchase and sale process. In 2006 Andrea Fragolino with a few partners became a pioneer in the sizzling real estate market of Dubai, opening new offices there and helping many Italian clients to invest in that flourishing market. Despite the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the great crisis in the real estate market, the companies remained at the same size until 2013 when, personally concluding the Dubai experience and considerably downsizing Immobiliare Montecarlo, Andrea prepared to face the most difficult years.

Manuela Biancheri, his wife, joined the company, supported him and still supports him today, taking over the office front office and lease management. Once the difficult time of the covid and all the other vicissitudes have passed, Immobiliare Montecarlo is once again ready to grow and to anticipate times and events, with unchanged professionalism and conviction.

In order to be visible to a greater number of clients, in addition to the large real estate showcases in our office, we are investing in the most important Italian and international real estate portals, social networks, as well as this site, together with a new and highly evolved state-of-the-art computer system through which we want to be ever closer to our clients.

The Agenzia Immobiliare Montecarlo Sas is registered with the CCIAA of Imperia, Savona and La Spezia under REA number IM 94060 and has also been affiliated for over 30 years with the FIAIP, Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionali, registration no. 4534, which has always been synonymous with guarantee and quality.