All our professionalism and experience at your service. Selling and renting a property requires in-depth study, correct economic assessment, targeted advertising, discretion, great commitment and speed. Our aim is to guarantee you peace of mind and security at every stage of the sale. The exclusive written assignment is the most suitable means of placing your property on the sale and purchase market. Only in this way can you access the following truly exclusive treatment:

  • We will provide you with a real detailed assessment of the value of your property
  • We will provide you with technical, legal and commercial pre-sale and/or pre-rental advice, if necessary also through the numerous professionals with whom we routinely collaborate
  • you will be able to use a professional home staging expert if you want to make your sale even faster and more profitable
  • we will create an eye-catching personalised ad, also through the use of artificial intelligence
  • your property will be shared with a large number of colleagues from the local area and the countries in our catchment area (northern Italy, especially Piedmont and Lombardy, and northern Europe, including England, eastern countries, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States and France above all)
  • we will, as a first step, consult our database for real time cross-referencing with numerous requests from potential customers
  • we will publish your property on our website and on the most important national and international real estate portals
  • we will also publish on major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • we will create the Virtual Tour (360-degree photographs, taken with special cameras, which, combined with software, allow you to virtually visit your property, going around every corner of your rooms. All those elements you don't want to show will be clearly hidden)
  • we will create emotional videos that we will publish on all our communication channels
  • with the help of specialised personnel, we will carry out aerial filming with a drone, with video creation and publication on our communication channels
  • we will display adverts on our office notice boards and monitors, so that tourists and residents strolling by can view and be attracted to your property in their free time
  • we will create the flyer to be sent by email to interested customers or to be printed in the office
  • We can evaluate targeted advertising campaigns together with the creation of funnels
  • We guarantee that each client will be carefully pre-qualified before each visit
  • We will provide you with regular updates on the management of your property
  • We guarantee you complete assistance, from the phase of producing the necessary documents for sale or lease, to the phase of negotiation and contract stipulation, up to the notarial deed
  • You can also count on our presence and availability in the post-sale phase

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